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Special Announcements

SECRETARY ROTATIONS AUGUST: If you attend an ECF meeting which needs a secretary for the next six months, please consider stepping up to this vital service position - it's a very important part of how we keep the doors open (virtually) to continue to carry the message.  Training for secretaries will continue to be provided on an as-needed basis and your colleagues are very willing to support you.

TECH ASSESSMENT:  Thanks to everyone who attended the tech assessment meetings in July or provided input directly to the assistant business manager.  The subcommittee's report on the results of the assessment will be presented at the August 8 business meeting.  If you have technical or ecfaa.org feedback for improvement,  please send written feedback to:        Assistant.Business.Manager@ecfaa.org 

Service Opportunities: PI/CPC Representative: 1 year sobriety and 2 year commitment.  Attend monthly PI/CPC meeting on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 9am and reports back service opportunities to the EC Fellowship.

Zoom Trainer:  Train new secretaries and techs using a PowerPoint as a guide.

Activity Committee Chair:  1 year sobriety and 1 year commitment.  Works with and recommends events to ECF Business Meeting which can include Memorial Day, Labor Day, ECF Anniversary, Holiday gatherings.  Manages budget for each event.

Alternate GSR.  Attends monthly General Service and ECF Business Meetings.  Helps GSR run annual Agenda Topics Workshop for ECF members.  Stands in for the GSR as needed.

INVENTORY ACTION DISCUSSION:  There was consensus that all ECF Zoom meetings with secretaries will continue.  Discussion about in person meetings will continue with along with Questions 5 and 6     Question 5 – How well is our group carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic?   Question 6 – Is our group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds?  Are we seeing a good cross-section?  Click Here for previous responses. 

Regular Announcements

Business Meetings: The next business meeting will be held on Monday August  8, 2022 at 7 pm in the ECF Zoom room. All members especially meeting secretaries,  are encouraged to attend.  For August's business meeting agenda click here and for July's business meetings minutes click here.  Questions or agenda items, contact business.manager@ecfaa.org 

The Eighth Step Panel Workshop has been rescheduled to Thursday, August 11th in the ECF Zoom room from 7-8pm. The hour will include panelists sharing their experience with Step 8, followed by Q & A. All interested AA members, please join for an in-depth exploration of Step Eight.

Sponsorship: A sponsor is a member who has experience in AA recovery and shares that experience working the steps on a continuous individual basis with another alcoholic who is attempting to attain or maintain sobriety. If you are currently available to be a sponsor please type your name & word "sponsor" with your phone number in the chat room.

5th EDITION OF THE BIG BOOK  Do you want your story in the 5th edition of the Big Book which is in the works.  Please contact https://www.aa.org/submit-bigbook-english-5th for more information.

Birthday Night: El Cerrito Fellowship celebrates sobriety at Birthday Night on the last Saturday of each month. The next Birthday Night is August 27th 8:30 pm in the ECF Zoom Room.  Speaker is TBA.  Please join us on Birthday Night to honor both your sobriety anniversary and others.  All are invited to attend.

Birthday Chips: If you are celebrating a sober birthday, and would like to receive your AA chip, please email birthday.chips@ecfaa.org

Court Cards: If you have a court card that needs signing please send an email to secretary.coordinator@ecfaa.org. Include your name, the date and time of the meeting you attended, and the name of the meeting secretary. Your attendance will be verified and returned within 24 hours.

Zoom Software Info: Be safe and download the latest version of the Zoom application for you computer, tablet or phone.  Visit zoom.us/download to download the latest software.


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