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CO-SECRETARIES NEEDED FOR SATURDAY 5:30 AND THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 8:30 MEETINGS. 6 months sobriety required. Please let the meeting know if you are available to co-secretary or tech the meeting.

SECRETARY TRAINING AND REFRESHER TRAINING: Secretary training and refresher training is still available upon request. In the training, you will learn about Meeting Secretary suggested etiquette and guidelines along with a few zoom room management details.

Contact zoom.trainer@ecfaa.org to request training. Also, a quick refresher on how to run a zoom AA meeting is on this website under our A.A. Resources section.

BUSINESS MEETING: PLEASE NOTE THE NEW STARTING TIME! The next business meeting is Monday, June 10, 2024 from 5:30–6:45 PM in the ECF Zoom room. If you have an agenda item for the business meeting, please contact business.manager@ecfaa.org.

FIRST THURSDAY WORKSHOP, June 6, 2024: This workshop will focus on the spiritual principles we associate with Step 6, starting with Willingness. Our panel will discuss the principles they personally associate with Step 6 and participants will then ask questions and share their thoughts. We look forward to a lively and thoughtful conversation, so please join us at 7PM on Thursday, June 6.

Our Birthday Celebration has a new day and time! Starting on Saturday, May 25th: ECF will celebrate AA Birthdays/Anniversaries on the last Saturday of each month at 9 AM (Pacific Time). The next birthday celebration will be 9 AM, Saturday, May 25th. We hope this change will make it possible for more of our members to join us to celebrate our days, months and years of recovery.

BIRTHDAY CHIPS: If you have an anniversary and would like a chip, please contact birthday.chips@ecfaa.org and one will be mailed to you (or have it mailed to your sponsor who can present it to you personally).

SPONSORSHIP: If you are currently available to be a sponsor, please type your name and the word "sponsor" with your phone number in the chat box at any online meeting. More information is available in the pamphlet  "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship" at aa.org. Another way to find a sponsor: listen to others in several different meetings. Sponsors will have more than a year sobriety; have a sponsor; have “worked the steps” and are available to be a mentor for you.

H&I SERVICE: AA members are needed to take A.A. meetings into jails, recovery centers, shelters and hospitals. This is 12th Step work at its most basic and vital, and a great opportunity to bring our program of hope to those who may be truly suffering. “It is the great paradox of A.A. that we know we can seldom keep the precious gift of sobriety unless we give it away”. (12&12, p. 151).

See the Area 53 (Oakland/Alameda) Roster for opportunities. Attend an orientation on Zoom on the first Wednesday each month at 6:30.
Meeting ID: 317 259 5765
Passcode: ACTION

Please contact our H&I Rep at handi@ecfaa.org if you have any questions or need more info.

NEWCOMER LITERATURE: If you are new and need literature, please contact literature@ecfaa.org for a newcomer packet.

COURT CARDS - ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION: Send an email to secretary.coordinator@ecfaa.org. Include your name, date and time of the meeting you attended, and name of the meeting secretary. Your attendance will be verified within 24 hours.

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You're in the Right Place! Newcomer/Beginner's meeting sponsored by East Bay Intergroup

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This meeting meets Sundays and Tuesdays at 7pm, using the same Zoom ID and password.

Visit EBI's Newcomer Page for more information about AA and attend Newcomer Meetings

Online, Sundays 7pm
Meeting ID: 857 4415 2693
Password: 471197

Call the 24 hour Helpline:
English: 510-839-8900
Español:  510-502-8560
Email: help@eastbayaa.org.

Always confidential,  always no cost.

Volunteers needed.  Email phonechair@eastbayaa.org to volunteer or for more information.

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H&I Downloads

The purpose of the Hospitals and Institutions Committee is to help the alcoholic who is confined.

See the Area 53 H&I Roster for May 2024

Please contact our H&I Rep at handi@ecfaa.org if you have any questions or need more info.

A program developed by H&I: Sponsoring AA members inside San Quentin and other State prisons
Take part in carrying the message to confined members. H&I Area 53 is launching a new Inside Visiting Sponsorship Service pilot program. Our goal is to match members confined at medium to long-term rehab facilities who are looking for sponsors. Details are in the flier at this link.

ECF Business Manager,
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